Focus-Sustainable Farming by Hydroponic Farms
Urban Agri Indoor Hydroponic Farm

Focus-Sustainable Farming by Hydroponic Farms

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  • Post published:March 23, 2021
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Even wondered where your daily leafy greens are coming from? It is very likely that they are loaded with pesticides and insecticides.

Hence it is very important to source organic or hydroponically grown vegetables. Hydroponic farming is also know as soil less farming wherein vegetables are grown in water. In comparison, Organic vegetables are grown using organic fertilizers.

Considering the pros and cons of both systems of farming, hydroponic farming is becoming more popular as it uses 95% less water, as it recycles the water when compared with traditional farming method. Most hydroponic farms are indoor vertical farms that use 99% less land as against traditional farming. Indoor vertical farms create almost perfect conditions for plants to grow and reduces predictability of changing weather conditions.

Urban Agri Hydroponic Farm

Our farm is an indoor vertical farm located with in the city limits where we grow a wide range of leafy green such as six different type of Lettuce, exotic greens like Swiss Chard, Arugula, Superfood Kale, Spinach and herbs such as Mint, Rosemary and a diverse range of microgreens such as Sango Radish, Mustard Microgreens, Beetroot Microgreens, Pokchoi Microgreen and many more varieties.

Chefs and customers love our products as our leafy greens are delivered within hours of harvesting. Our best sellers are leafy greens mix box designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of various groups. These are make-your-own salad kits that can create a wholesome meal. Some of the top selling categories are Be Sporty Everyday, Women Health Box, Girl Power, Immunity Booster Box, and Protein Green Box. More varieties can be found on the Salad Kit page

Nutrilicious Salad Bowl

In keeping with the growing demand for healthy food, Urban Agri Farms recently launched ready to eat salad meals, freshly picked from our farm. Under our Nutrilicious and More brand, customers can avail ready to eat salads, create their own salads, smoothies and health shots. The ready to eat range can also be ordered from food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.