Frequently Asked Questions

Are Urban Agri Farm products safe?

We grow our greens in an fully automated indoor vertical farm here in Hyderabad. Our products are free of pesticides and the farm follows contactless farming and strictly adheres to best international practices followed by hydroponic farms.

Where can I find good quality Lettuce in Hyderabad?

You can find safe to eat and fresh Lettuce in Hyderabad from the brand Urban Agri Farms.These products are available in Qmart, Ratnadeep chain of stores,food delivery apps like Dunzo and Zomato Market.

How many types of Lettuce are available with Urban Agri Farms?

Seven varieties of fresh Lettuce in Hyderabad are available with Urban Agri Farm. These are Romaine Lettuce, Star Fighter Lettuce, Green Butterhead Lettuce, Green Coral Lettuce, Red Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Green Oak Lettuce, Red Oak Lettuce, Rocket Lettuce, Leafy Icebery Lettuce.

How safe are these Lettuce?

Urban Agri Farms Lettuce are pesticides free and seeds used are non-gmo ones. These lettuce are grown in technologically superior indoor  hydroponic farm at Shamirpet in Hyderabad. The Urban Agri Farms follow contactless farming, operations and delivery. Products are delivered in closed boxes. These are safe to eat. Urban Agri Farm follows international best practices in farming.

What other products can I find at Urban Agri Farms?

Other than Lettuce you can all buy products like Spinach, microgreens, and herbs like Mint, Coriander, Arugula, Kale, Parsley, Celery, Sage, and rosemary.

Where can I find good quality herbs in Hyderabad?

You can find good quality herbs like Mint, Coriander,Parsley, Celery, Rosemary and Thyme at Urban Agri Farms.

Most microgreens, also called microherbs are just five days old and have very high level of nutrition when compared to fully mature plan. For example a broccoli microgreens is 40 times more nutritious than a
fully grown broccoli.

How do I order greens from Urban Agri Farms?

You can directly order microgreens near you by going to our website and placing an order. Likewise you can also order our lettuce, microgreens, leafy greens and our best seller range “superfood in a box” from third party delivery platforms like Dunzo. You can also visit top retail stores near you to get our products.


Why top star hotel CHEFS like our products?

Most chefs like to play around with nutrition dense microgreens to make their artful creations look attractive. Our wide range of microgreens gives them upteem ways to enhance superior customer experience and engagement.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are nutrition dense superfoods that meet your multivitamin needs naturally,build immunity, and help fights diseases. You can find organic microgreens at Urban Agri Farms.

Are these microgreens organic vegetables?

Yes, these vegetables are grown organically using sterilized cocopeat.

Are Microgreens nutritious?

Yes microgreens have large amount of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients required for well being.

Are microgreens good for building immunity?

Most microgreens are just 5 days old and have very high level of nutrition when compared to fully mature plan. For example a broccoli microgreens is 40 times more nutritious than a fully grown broccoli.

Where can I find good quality microgreens in Hyderabad?

You can find organic microgreens such as radish microgreens, mustand microgreens, sunflower shoots microgreens, peashoots microgreens, broccoli microgreens, kale microgreens, arugula microgreens, pokchoi microgreens, bakchoy microgreens from Urban Afri Farms.

What are super foods?

Nutrition dense microgreens, kale, arugula are superfood that will keep you in good health and you can find them at Urban Agri Farms. These products are available in Q-Mart, Ratnadeep chain of stores and online delivery platform.

Do I need to wash Lettuce?

You do not have to wash lettuce from Urban Agri Farms as they are clean and ready to eat. These vegetables are grown in our contactless enviroment hence there is no contamination of the product.

Do I need to wash spinach from Urban Agri Farms?

You really do not have to wash our lettuce and they are grown hydroponically at our farm and packed in a closed container. Our farmers use gloves and mask in the farm thereby making the product safe to eat.

Do I need to wash microgreens from Urban Agri Farms?

Microgreens from Urban Agri Farms and clean and organically grown, Our farmers use gloves and face make at  all stages of farming right from sowing seed to harvesting to packing. These microgreens come in a closed boxes and are safe to eat.

Where can I find fresh green salad in Hyderabad?

You can order fresh green salad from Urban Agri Farms in Hyderabad. Urban Agri Farms salad kits are available in Q-Mart stores, Ratnadeep chain of store, online delivery platforms like Dunzo and Zomato. Salad kits avaialbe from Urban Agri Farms are- Leafy Green Salad Box, Super Green Salad Box, Protein Green Salad Box, Girl Power Pox,  Women Health Box, Be Sporty Everyday Box, Smoothie Box, Salad Add-on Box,  Multivitamin  Box.

What is the nutritious value of Lettuce?

100 grams of lettuce is packed full of vitamins. For example, there is 21% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin A in lettuce, 18% of folic acid and 5% of vitamin C. Does that surprise you? In addition to these vitamins, lettuce is also rich in important minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium. Different type of lettuce such as Leafy Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Butterhead, Lollo Rosso Red, Green Oak lettuce, Red Oak lettuce can be bought from Urban Agri Farms.